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Trainings, performances, consultations

Very often, I give speeches, conduct the training and conferences. I love to share my knowledge with other teachers, mostly by training on conferences. I also educate the elderly by giving lectures for University of the Third Age. 


Since 2011, with Jędrek, my life partner, and a few other experts and trainers (privately – amazing people) we have been running a Centrum Rozwoju Jump (Center of Development Jump), where we are taking care of widely understood personal development, coaching and psychotherapy. 
As a coach I work with many different groups – elders, unemployed, prisoners, disabled people, company employees, startups people. I know that people need much more opening of their eyes and hearts ( personality and passion), than sublime methodology and trainers with narrow specialties.

Speaker, lecturer

At events, such as the Economic Forum in Krynica or Tedx, I talk about my view of education and magic as the essence of education. As an announcer and host of debates, ceremonies, galas or events, I participated in BeZee – Trends in education, Social Media Convent, Social Media Show, Gdańsk: Entrepreneurial City or Summer Internship. As a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts Zone, I have been appearing at the Woodstock Festival (Pol’and’Rock Festival) for several years now. 

Istotą edukacji jest magia | Magic is the essence of education | Przemysław Staroń | TEDxGdynia

Lecturer and reviewer

I am also associated with the SWPS University, where I teach philosophy and psychology (also within the University of the Third Age) and I am an expert at the SWPS University Press Centre.

I cooperate with various publishers, including PWN, for which I review books on education.

I am involved in educational blogs and magazines addressed to parents.

Consultations and interviews

I give interviews for various magazines, mainly dealing with the issues of the education system and adolescence and development of youth.

Psychological Aspect – Who are the biggest victims of peer violence?

Tester of unconventional educational methods 

I test and recommend various methods for didactic and therapeutic work, individual and group. I have created Philosophical Diagon Alley, an exhibition of tools for teaching critical and creative thinking, philosophy and ethics.

I share my vision, knowledge and discoveries with others: I conduct workshops, seminars, schools of many recipients, including teachers. I am a creator of courses for educators, I have cooperated with the Warsaw School of Educational Championship, Department of Psychology and Support of Development at the SWPS University.

Teacher of 2018 will transform a school to Hogwarts

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Truth quenches untruth, love quenches anger, self-​suffering quenches violence. This eternal rule is a rule not for saints only but for all.

— Mahatma Gandhi 

What can we do together?