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Social media and new technologies

Every tool, which is original, or used by teenagers for another purpose than originally meant is perfect to use as a part of “magic education”. This also applies to social media. 

Technologies in education

Every tool, which is original, or used by teenagers for another purpose than originally is meant to be used is perfect to use as a part of “magic education”. This also, or maybe most of all, applies to social media, in which my students spend a lot of time. That is why i decided to mostly use Snapchat and Facebook to contact with my students. I used to send them “philosnaps” – photos presenting some philosophical issue, for example: picture of decorative grass fluttering in the wind with reference to Pascal and a human who is “only a reed, the weakest in nature, but he is a thinking reed”. 


I often do, with my students, memes with different kind of philosophers on them, whose concepts are being discussed during our lessons. Picture of Arthur Schopenhauer with the caption on it saying, what doesn’t kill You, that’s a pity was one of them. Every year we print one of our memes, which was elected by vote, in a large size. It accompanies us during district and central stage of Philosophy Olympiad.

Professor Snap

Visual? Advantage – or limit, it depends on the view – of Snapchat, which i used to use was disappearing pictures right after being seen. Snapchat is perfect for immediate communication with students. You can draw, write and add filters, stickers, or pieces of graphics, or even your avatar and do face switch. Because of simplicity and functionality it encourages to creativity and creative freedom. They are amazing as a way of spreading knowledge and as a form of checking what student has remembered. What is most important, it is a medium, which kids are using all the time, in which the are genuinely present! 

Seniors 4.0

Important value of new technologies in intergenerational exchange is the fact, that thanks to intercourse and contacts with teenagers and young people, seniors often learn how to use Internet and start using electronic banking, e‑mail, do Office staff. They also start using social media, where are exchanging memes with teens, learning philosophy and helping in the preparations for philosophy olympiad.

Granny Playstation

One of the most amazing people is lady, who learned from young how to play on Playstation, and became a star of internet, that is Granny Playstation!

“Broad community for digital skills” noticed my activity in this area and in 2017 I was among the 100 people who contributed in an outstanding way to the development of digital skills in Poland. I also became an ambassador for the “Wise digital” program.

I think there might be something in it, don’t you?

The real drive of creativity is an appetite for discovery and a passion for the work itself. When students are motivated to learn, they naturally acquire the skills they need to get the work done. Their mastery of them grows as their creative ambitions expand.

— Ken Robinson

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