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#Utrzy classroom

Out of my dreams of the best school for wizards came out magical place, where everybody is accepted, understood, appreciated and important. The place nobody wants to leave. 

And it was like…

I’ve wanted to create something truly magical, inimitable, helpful in transferring the knowledge, looking for inspiration or in teaching independent thinking. Out of my dreams of the best school for wizards came out a magical place in which everybody is accepted, appreciated and important. The place nobody wants to leave quickly. In the basement of High School no. 2 in Sopot, in an empty, old classroom, the extraordinary #utrzy was made. No, it’s not the conventional classroom. #Utrzy is my greatest teaching aid. It doesn’t look like a traditional classroom. There aren’t any desks or anything like that. 

When you open the door, you see comfortable couches and armchairs, small ball pool and levitating candles, just like in Hogwarts. Everywhere there are fantastic items: books, teaching aids, posters, “artefacts” of cultures, religions, art and literature.

#Utrzy classroom is a place where students, parents and teachers come from all over Poland and Europe to look for some inspiration. Trust me, everybody opens their eyes and says “WOW! This is amazing!”

Truly magical, or even “wow” is the fact that the present look of the workshop isn’t only an effect of my vision. My students help me with decorating and improving it. We plan the design, gather all the gadgets and other items. What’s more, no item has assigned place! Every object in every moment can change place and role. Everything depends on creativity, wish, state of mind and the mood of people who are currently in #utrzy.

I have no doubt that lessons in #utrzy are inimitable. All of the students declare that – the young ones, as well as the older ones. The most important things are effects… When I see the faces of happy, open-​minded people who want to get to know more and more, I know that the #utrzy is my greatest “investment”.

My theatre I see great, enormous spaces, people full of them and shadows, I am playing them awake.

— Stanisław Wyspiański

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