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The Order of the Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix is a symbolic name. In J.K. Rowling books it’s the name of a group of wizards, who fight dark magic and Voldemort. In Sopot it’s a group of philosophy enthusiasts, who fight stupidity, ignorance and callousness. 

Intergenerational projects

Together with Lidia Dysarz I created cross-​generational projects: “Joy and the magic” and “Flowers of Europe.” European Commission has awarded them during european year for active ageing and solidarity between generations (2012) and european year of citizens (2013 – 2014). “Flowers of Europe” were also awarded in Generations@School competition organized by European Commission.

As the natural consequence of those projects, Order of the Phoenix was born.

The Order of the Phoenix

Order of the Phoenix is a symbolic name. In J.K. Rowling’s books it’s the name for a group of wizards who stand against black magic and Lord Voldemort. In Sopot it’s a group of philosophy enthusiasts who stand against stupidity, callousness and ignorance.

Order of the Phoenix is an intergenerational philosophy faculty, where teenagers and elderly learn philosophy together.

Integration, helpfulness, experience exchange and building relations are basics of this initiative which twines philosophy fans (and many more!) from all over the country, no matter the age – pupils, adults and retired. The youngest of them has just graduated from junior high school, while the oldest of the members has turned 95.

Order of the Phoenix helps in self-​development as well as in forming friendships and relations. The elderly help teenagers face their everyday challenges. Teenagers accompany the elderly. That’s how it works during the finals of philosophical Olympiad or when the elderly need presence of young people. They spend time together, asking each other questions, solving puzzles, making #philosnaps and building with LEGO. They learn while playing, they play while learning. No matter the age.

Many people think that the Order of the Phoenix is a state of mind. I think that there is some truth in it. We aim to get more knowledge, help other people and fight intellectual threats. Through learning, discussion and cooperation we fight for values like goodness, love, peace and respect.

Younger “monks” achieve great success (over 40 finalists of philosophical Olympiad), while the older “monks” cheer, motivate and help them. This intergenerational help is crucial in the Order of the Phoenix, as well as in our everyday lives. It gives strength and hope for a better future.

Order’s headquarters

In recent years – till June 2019, The Order’s HQ was home of Danuta Kamińska (we called her Auntie Dana). We called her flat The Huggy or Hugylum (Hug+Asylum), but that’s a completely different story. Sadly, in June 2019, Auntie Dana has passed away…

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

— Maya Angelou

What can we do together?